Project Name: Fadhili Mtoto Asome
Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
From: July 2016 – 2020 December

To give back to the society, Johari has founded BINTI FOUNDATION with a mission to help girls attain quality education in a supportive and conducive environment in the home, school and community and build their career aspirations to achieve their full potential.

Currently the foundation is supporting about 500 primary children.

Plans to open a honorary academy for the training of your young entrepreneurs, and (humanity) services for the Tanzania girl child and women are at an advanced stage.

The Academy will offer a free-of-cost, six-month entrepreneurship and business training program (the only one of its kind in Tanzania).


The BintiAfrica’s expansion plan is clear and is firmly based on the idea that the women and men who wear BintiAfrica are confident and have a unique sense of style and that at BintiAfrica, we will find a clothing offering that fits their personality.

In order to achieve this, the company has over the pasted two years increased production in order to reach and fulfill client needs but is also making sure that the sub-brands that focus on the younger girls and teens are nurtured so that BintiAfrica’s promise to dress women at every stage of their lives is kept.