Our Foundation


is a non-governmental organization founded on 2014 by Ms. Johari Sadiq the founder and CEO of BintiAfrica Co LTD. The foundation was established as a means to give back to society hence share the success of BintiAfrica by improving the learning environment of adolescent children and non-formal education for young women in health life skills and entrepreneurship training.

Working hand in hand with Teachers

We support our children

Sponsor a child to Learn

By giving back to the society, BintiAfrica has been working hand to hand with its foundation (Binti Foundation), thus successfully able to establish the following youth projects:

The Binti Fashion, Art & Design Skills Training program

3 to 6 months


faze 2
Girls and Boys


18 - 35




The Binti Fashion, Art & Design Skills Training program is set up to provide training to empower less privileged and disadvantaged young women who are school dropouts, early married, young Parents, divorced young women, and orphans.

The acquired skills will enable them to be part of our societies future workforce and future Employees of BintiAfrica Co LTD.

The program caters to young women aged between 16 – 35 years of age.

Duration & Attained Skills

The program is a three to a six-month course, depending with the course direction on a certificate level, intended to enable the beneficiaries to attain skills of:

  • Pattern making
  • Cutting,
  • Sewing
  • Press work
  • Drawing and sketching
  • Quality Control
  • Fitting
  • Grading
  • Hand finishing
  • Art & Design.

The course is both paid for and sponsored with Binti Foundation providing FREE training opportunities (through the partnership) for disadvantaged girls and young women across Tanzania. Admission is open to all youth (18-35 years) regardless of the level of education. Classes are held at Binti Fashion Skills Training Center.


Fadhili Mtoto Asome

Project Name

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



Supported Children

Sponsor a child to learn is an English translation of the Swahili word “Fadhili Mtoto Asome”. We at BintiAfrica place a higher value on education thus educating a child is a necessity because knowledge is the key to success. Our mission to help girls attain quality education in a supportive and conducive environment in the home, school, and community and build their career aspirations to achieve their full potential.

Supporting Our Youth

Currently, the foundation is supporting about 500 primary children.

Plans to open an honorary academy for the training of our young entrepreneurs, and (humanity) services for the Tanzania girl child and women are at an advanced stage.

The Academy will offer free-of-cost, six-month entrepreneurship and business training program (the only one of its kind in Tanzania).

Schools we work with

The schools we currently work with are: –

  • Kumbukumbu Primary school,
  • Hananasifu Primary school,
  • Mwananyamala Primary school,
  • Kisiwani primary school
  • Msasani primary schools in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam.

Our Target

The Foundation works with adolescent children and young women from challenged backgrounds across the country both in rural and urban areas through a practical initiative to promote education for all. The programs target adolescent children between 10-18 years and young women between 18-35 years.


To build a society where every adolescent child and the young woman is educated, healthy, successful and free to exercise their rights.


To empower adolescent children and young women to reach their fullest potential through education, vocational training and life skills development.

How We Work

We work with children from challenged backgrounds who cannot afford indirect costs associated with primary school learning such as disposable menstrual products, school uniforms, shoes, books and other essential school supplies.

We work with school teachers and other community settings as well as in close cooperation with district education authorities and health centers.

Educating Girls & Young Women

Girls and young women are a significant part of the next generation by contributing to the global economic and our social. But these challenged girls and young women do not have the same opportunities as young men such as access to jobs, gain financial independence and become productive members of society.

Helping girls and young women to stay in school, avoid early marriages and un planned pregnancy. Gain productive skills, build capital assets, and find jobs are critical interventions to improve their life chances

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