We at BintiAfrica understand how important it is to make school uniform buying a quick and easy process, and to enable schools to offer choices to parents when it comes to uniform supply. With our vast experience in uniform manufacturing, BintiAfrica currently manufactures and supply school uniform starting from kindergarten level to secondary schools across Tanzania.

We offer a wide range of core uniform styles, enabling you to have control over quality and price. We not only use quality and affordable garments, but we understand that a great Schools uniform is a key to your child’s confidence hence leading to success.


We provide uniform services to schools in a variety of ways depending upon the school’s needs:

  • Bulk delivery direct to the respective school
  • A school places an order and the uniform is supplied direct to their chosen delivery address or sent to school, on predetermined dates, for collection.
  • Building a great relationship with you our client and offering individual advice to cater your needs
  • We make use of high-quality materials, highly skilled workers, providing you with a first-class service.
  • We offer strong guidance as you need in terms of material, sizing or design advice
  • Our prices are competitive, reasonable, and considerate
  • Average sample production time is 3 working days per sample.
  • Average production time span between 30 - 60 working days (Taking into consideration all the variances such as order quantity, producing/sourcing required material, and approval from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for quality management).
  • Order Booking must be done 3-month prior to your respective production start time (Kindly take into consideration the Production Planning, timing and entering your work into our production que)
  • Custom Embroidered labels / tags


Bulk delivery direct to your school or agreed locations.
Single delivery direct to your home address, direct pick-up from our stores or agreed locations

For your inquiries please contact:

Customer Service (Enquiries and Orders)

+255 744 777756

+255 739 777756

E-mail: customerservice@bintiafrica.com

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