When starting a clothing brand or wanting to place a bulk order in minimum quantity, the biggest hurdle to overcome is finding the right manufacturer. This can involve a lot of money, time, stress, and traveling. By using our reputable company, we’ll take charge of all your needs and requirements, leaving you focused on growing your brand. We’ve got everything simplified just for you!

Start-Up Brands

Taking various factors into consideration, we offer moderate timeframe for each ordering process. These are the approximate periods for each process and may vary depending on your unique requirements.



(Min 20 pcs per design)(5 pcs per size)

45 days


(Including Sample)

5 - 20


(Depending on your geographical location)

Offer Package

  • Average sample production time is approximately 5 working days per sample.
  • Average bulk order production time is comparatively 45 working days.
  • Order Booking must be done 3-month prior to your respective production start time (Kindly take into consideration the Production Planning, timing and entering your work into our production que)
  • Customized labels and tags will add an additional 5 -10 working days.
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 20 pieces per design (min 5pcs per size).
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 20 pieces per design (min 4pcs per size).
  • Our prices are competitive, reasonable, and considerate

Order Quantity

We quite understand that not all start-up brands want to make hundreds of each design, which is why we will happily work with small order quantities. Please contact us so as to get adequate and professional consultation that will accommodate your needs. We care about your brand, we make your business our top priority, and we strive for your success!

For your inquiries please contact:

Customer Service (Enquiries and Orders)

+255 744 777756

+255 739 777756

E-mail: customerservice@bintiafrica.com


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