Johary Amoury Sadiq: CEO & Founder 

Johary Sadiq is an entrepreneur, fashion designer and CEO / Founder of Binti Africa Co LTD a fashion power house in Tanzania. As the last born of her six siblings, Mrs. Sadiq was born, raised and educated in Africa, Tanzania.  She was not bought up surrounded by fashion but as a child, the prolific Tanzania designer watched her mother stitch clothes as a seamstress which inspired her, creating a strong passion towards fashion and design. Growing up, she always knew deep inside that she would be a fashion designer but she didn’t know how and when, and most of the time it seemed like a pipe dream.

After studying Information Communication Technology (ICT), she worked with local telecommunication companies for a couple of years. Inspired by her love of sewing, fabrics, and color, Johari recognized that working with clothes was her calling, and therefore resigned in 2011 to realize her dream.

“I knew I wanted to go out on my own, pull together all my passion and talent to create something unique that would be fulfilling both personally and professionally. That is how I established BintiAfrica after seeing a gap in the market for African textiles”.



Aidan Liberatus Kajuna: Partner and CIO

Aidan Kajuna is the Co-founder and CEO of LM Group, one of the Board of Directors of Binti Foundation

Born and raised in Tanzania, Mr. Kajuna has a BSc in Mathematics & Comp-Science and a Master’s degree in International Management. He brings more than 10 years of experience in IT consulting, 4 years of experience in Project & Program management and 2 years of experience as a Business Analyst, all acquired while working for SAP AG, Salt Solutions AG, and Infoman AG. Mr. Kajuna is currently at Infosys Consulting GmbH.

Since the inception of the Foundation, Mr. Kajuna has provided guidance by helping the Foundation deepen its approach and program ideas, provides strategic counsel and donations.



Our staff

Binti Africa employs some 24 permanent staff and 4 consultants and has an experienced and technically efficient design studio including designers, pattern cutters, sample machinists, quality controllers, production and dispatch managers.

Our combined talents give us long and invaluable experience of the fashion business, excellent technical skills, unbeatable innovative designs and passionate sales promotion.

Weekly meetings ensure synchronised objectives are pursued.

Production team

Binti Africa employs in-house factories at its Kinondoni House, warehouse and distribution centre and tailoring workshop in Bunju, Dar es Salaam. We have a capacity of approx. 1,000 garments per week.

Binti Africa therefore has the capacity to deal with any multiple orders, and does so on a regular basis. Binti Africa has strict quality control procedures in place to ensure the highest standard of quality on all it’s production.